habit zero #128

the challenge   Today, we will focus on taking a closer look at things. Throughout our creative exploration, we aim to observe and see things differently. But when I say “take a close look” today, I mean it literally: throughout the day, our creative Insights should be based on a close-up view. When we look …

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habit zero #074

the challenge   Our assignment today is to create a collage inspired by the Zoom Seed. We already played with the Zoom Seed using a different Prism a while back. That’s in fact one thing that makes seempli so special: every time you play, you need to surprise yourself. Which makes every iteration a bit …

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habit zero #012

the challenge   Do you ever get the feeling you are surrounded by arbitrary constraints limiting your moves, confining you to a solution space which does not look too promising? Well, if you are into “the theory of creativity” you already know that although it sounds counter-intuitive, constraints boost creativity. When you are surrounded with …

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