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The following terms and conditions govern your use of this website and its content; by using this website (whether you are a subscribed user or a guest), you accept these terms and conditions in full.

For the purpose of the following terms and conditions, “The seempli Platform” means the website and the entire material included on, including, but not limited to, all images, texts, design, and concept.

Excluded from the term “The seempli Platform” is any material uploaded by website users and some icons which are provided by — which are owned by their respective owners.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

The seempli Platform is owned by Lidor Wyssocky, who is the owner of the copyrights for its entire content.

Any usage permitted by the following terms or in an explicit consent by Lidor Wyssocky mandates the inclusion of a proper Attribution to Lidor Wyssocky, a link to The seempli Platform, and the above copyright notice.

Platform Usage

You are free to make Personal Non-Commercial use of The seempli Platform. Any usage beyond Personal Non-Commercial use of The seempli Platform requires explicit written consent by Lidor Wyssocky.

An Active Commercial Enabler membership grants you the permission to lead commercial activities based on The seempli Platform for as long as the membership is active. Once an Enabler membership expires, the commercial usage license is revoked.

Usage Personal Non-Commercial Usage Organizational Non-Commercial Usage Active Commercial Enabler License General Requirements
Personal Non-Commercial Use Allowed Allowed Allowed
Sharing Allowed Allowed Allowed
  • Copyright notice
  • Link to
  • Attribution
Internal Non-Commercial Usage within an Organization N/A Allowed Allowed
Leading Commercial Activities using the Content or part of it
whether the activities are paid for or not
Not Allowed Not Allowed Allowed
  • Copyright notice
  • Link to
  • Attribution
Reselling or Distributing Content, Modified Content, or Products based on the Content 
whether it is paid for or not
Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
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Commercial Enabler License
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Some content in the site is accessible to subscribers only based on their subscription plan. Other content is free for browsing and usage.

Subscribing to the seempli Newsletter does not grant you access to the restricted content.

Our paid subscriptions are annual and not refundable. All Subscriptions are personal and cannot be transferred or shared unless specifically noted otherwise in the subscription plan. 

The seempli platform is designed for every age. However, in order to subscribe and have a seempli account you must be at least 18 years old.

By signing up to one of our paid plans via you agree to receive digitally signed electronic invoices and receipts.

Content Uploaded by Users

The content posted by you on is owned by you. You grant Lidor Wyssocky and the Editors of the right to use your posted content (but not your personal details) solely for the purpose of improving the service (by means of analysis) and promoting services and concept within the website or using other platforms (for example in blog posts, social posts, etc). We will never sell your content or use it for other purposes.

Please note that all the content you post is publicly available by definition and used in different locations throughout the site. The website is not designed to store private content except for your personal registration details, or to share content privately with an individual.

Please also note that is not designed as a photo storage service. We cannot guarantee the availability of the media you upload in the original quality or at all forever. Make sure you maintain a copy of the photos you upload to for future use. 

Other Terms

  • You will not use the website and its content, including the seempli Seeds, Prisms, Boosters and Gears as well as users posts, for any commercial use (including but not limited to reselling content, selling services based on the content, distributing content etc.).
  • Your account is personal. You must not share your account with other people or organizations.
  • You will not copy content from or share it with others (unless the sharing is done as stated under Platform Usage and is not for commercial purposes)
  • Active seempli Enabler subscribers can use Seeds and Prism for leading commercial Workshops and Group Activities.
  • You will not copy, publish, build upon, or redistribute any of the website content whether for commercial use or any other use without an explicit written permission from Lidor Wyssocky.
  • You will not upload any material which infringes the copyrights of a third party.
  • You will not upload any material which might be considered violent, pornographic, or disrespectful to others. In any case, the Admin and Editors of have the right to remove any content as they see fit.
  • You will not upload any file containing malware, spyware, computer viruses, or any other type of code which can damage the website, the servers it is hosted on, or other users.
  • You will not post any commercial material or use the website to promote a business or an organization.
  • You will not try to access content marked as blocked for your subscription level or for website guests.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our detailed Privacy Policy.

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