our unique value-based plans

only you know how valuable creativity is for you


Here's the deal

We decided to operate seempli using a Value-Based Payment model.

Our mission is to make Creativity Development accessible to anyone. So our entire platform is open for personal non-commercial use without even the need to sign up.

The seempli Platform already includes thousands of creative challenges and ideation triggers, and we are developing more content on a weekly basis to make seempli the best creativity toolbox.

We trust you to pay for the unique content we provide based on the value it has for you so we can continue our efforts to ignite creativity and help you change the world. Your world.

You can choose a recurring monthly payment based on your usage or any other amount you feel appropriate. We are happy with whatever you choose, and we thank you!

You can always change the amount in the future or cancel your recurring payment.

Be sure to come back and continue using seempli.

Be creative!
Lidor Wyssocky, the creator of seempli

If you are looking for commercial-usage license, please contact us.